Monday, February 5, 2018

Dangerous Witness (Redemption Harbor #3) by Katie Reus

Brooks and Darcy were a fantastic addition to this suspenseful and passionate series. Katie has a knack for balancing emotional romance with edge of your seat action and mystery. In the last installment she gave us just enough info about Darcy and Brooks being on the outs and exactly how he found out what an idiot he was. This story picked up right after and Brooks is out to reclaim Darcy's heart. I love a hero who knows what he wants and also when he's wrong. But most of all I'll scream it from the  romance book loving  rooftops that a man who's loyal and waits for his woman is a real man. Pure devotion and lay your life down loyalty. That's what you'll find here in this fantastic series. 

That isn't just the loyalty of our hero and heroine either. This team at Redemption Harbor is a brotherhood who is always there for each other. I simply can't get enough. And now I've gotta find more reading time so I can start binging Ms Reus other books. They are just that good.

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