Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Watch Me Follow by Harloe Rae @harloerae


As a reader I'll admit that I stalk groups and discussions about certain types of books. When I see the terms #StalkerAlert or #PerfectHero or celibate hero and completely faithful. Well those terms have me anxious and excited for that story.

Harloe Rae is a new name for me and when I saw all the whispers about Watch Me Follow, well I simply had to read it. Ms. Rae simply gave us as readers a beautiful and touching story of first love, second chances and endless and unwavering devotion. What peeked (little pun intended)  my interest was the hero Ryker and his total fascinated stalking persona. 

He was so broken yet so beautiful. He had the purest heart and simply received peace and tranquility in Lennon's presence. 

His childhood broke my heart and I simply longed to comfort that sweet little boy. Lennon was cut off and sheltered yet her heart had that nurturing nature that was brought alive by Ryker.

I was pleased to see that this author didn't take the easy way by focusing on only their sexual and physical connections. She first opened their hearts, fed their souls and then and only then did she remove the last layer of the flesh. Sensual and emotional.

 This read had everything I love. I see great things for Ms. Rae. I really hope she continues to write 100% devoted characters. 

Love stories to me feel authentic if the characters remain true to their feelings and this sweet story had devotion on every page. 

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