Monday, March 16, 2015

Soaring (Magdalene #2) by Kristen Ashley @KristenAshley68

When trying to write a review for a Kristen Ashley novel I find myself in a state of utter loss of the English dictionary. 

 I really need a thesaurus so I can find every single adjective for Phenomenal and Extraordinary. Simply put she from the first page introduces us to characters that have you gripping the book waiting to find out more and hours have passed and any interruptions cause havoc on your senses. I liked Mickey in The Will but in Soaring.. I first liked him..then really kinda didn't like him for a while at the same time wanted Amelia to climb him like a tree. He had me mad ..amused and flustered. What this brought me to was how ingenious a writer this author is to make me feel like I wanted to move to a town in Maine and open up a coffee shop or boutique just to run into these characters as if they are real. Amelia and her past had me literally depressed and sobbing for a lot of the beginning of this book. Kristen has a way of breaking you down to build you back up stronger and more beautiful than ever before. That's what I found in this breathtaking story. . change..acceptance and beauty after pain. 

Page after page of moments that I'd never be able to explain.. to experience something like this you have to read it yourself. There just isn't enough words..she took them all.  

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