Thursday, March 12, 2015

The 27 Club by Kim Karr @authorkimkarr

27 Club had me intrigued by the synopsis and since Kim Karr created one my favorite heroes River in Connected & Torn I was more than ready. She again stole my heart with Jagger and Xander. So going in I had high hopes for this story. I found mystery from the start then some pretty sad and emotional moments. Kim gives the reader true glimpses into the heart and soul where our feelings really are born. Zoey was a deeply troubled girl and throwing her into this storm of sadness added to that emotional overload.. and she was drowning. Nate was intense, brooding and well sexy. From their first interaction .. there was enough electricity to zap Zoey into feelings that pulled her from the abyss and had her trying to stay afloat feeling for once that her destiny didn't have to be so dark. These two dove into a summer affair that was sexy, romantic and passionate. 
  Nate was able to show Zoey what it meant to be adored, wanted and cared for and at the same time Zoey gave Nate an outlet for his intensity that brought them closer while climbing higher and higher in beautiful ecstasy the same time falling head over heels in love. Angst and insecurities caused some bumps but Kim brought it all together just how it needed to be. I enjoyed this mysterious romance and will eagerly await the next hero..because I just love her mind.


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