Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel #1) by Allie Juliette Mousseau - @alliejuliette

I've always had a weakness for bad boy mma fighters. this was another winner in the greatness of Remy by Katy Evans and The Hurricane by R. J. Prescott. Josh "The Jackhammer" was just amazing, he was a true and breathtaking hero. But this story had a very strong and courageous heroine to stand beside this fighting machine. Running from a past layered in abuse and danger she was hiding and living one day at a time. 
From the start they had sizzling chemistry but held strong as long as they could being in a precarious business arrangement. Josh wouldn't have minded but Sophie was trying to be strong and remain professional. Her thoughts..not so much.
When something this deep is born though, you can't fight for long.
 One sexy bet and Sophie didn't stand against this bad boys charm. 
One night ..surrendered to passion and oh how things got complicated. !! 
Sophie tried to put the breaks on but even without the sexy times, Josh was romancing her and winning her heart like a true fighter can. Slow build..knocking down walls and really building something profound..Josh was wonderful. 

 I loved how they really grew into a beautiful friendship though and how much Josh helped Sophie gain empowerment and self confidence through training with him. they really got to know each other in all the ways they could with her history and secrets hanging over her head. There were so many emotional moments that I just found myself sighing over them so many times. The sweetest thing was Josh and her daughter Charlie.. nothing like a big strong man brought to his knees by a little girl. this book was sexy ...but it was a deep under the skin sexy ..that built up to love scenes that felt like they had been simmering slowly to a rolling boil. 
Needless to say I loved this story with everything in me. I'm anxiously diving into Josh's  brothers books in the True North series by this author, while i count the days till the next in this series comes out.

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