Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sucked Into Love (Bachelorette Party #1) by Rochelle Paige - @RochellePaige1


I've said it before and I'll say it again.. Rochelle Paige has quickly climbed to the the top of my favorite authors who write heroes that I adore and stories that steal my heart. I knew from the moment that Andrew saw Jocy (Jocelyn to him) that he was gonna be a favorite book boyfriend. For the guy who really never had a relationship and always just had fun,  this time it was different. He wanted her from the first site and was so upset she was "taken".
 But not all is as it seems. One Fake bachelorette party started a passionate and heart felt journey that was fast paced but never lacking in the emotional growth. I felt that these two may have quickly given into the scorching chemistry but really did get to know each other in the most romantic ways. Andrew pulled out all the stops sweeping Jocy off her feet. I loved seeing the characters from the Blythe series and really enjoyed how low drama this read was. No aggravating misunderstandings or over the top angst. Just two amazing characters falling head over heels in love and some pretty sizzling hot ..slightly kinky..love scenes.
 Andrew knew just what he wanted and Jocy felt free giving him that control. Sweet encounters and shocking surprises ..with one amazing epilogue and I was so happy..but alas..every time I close the book on a Rochelle Paige love story..I'm left singing. 

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