Monday, January 9, 2017

Long Drive by Jessica Florence @Florence_Jess

This author is absolutely going to be on my 2017 #Stalking schedule. I really enjoyed this hostile acquaintance to friends to lover's story. Totally other woman drama free and full of sexy times that had me fanning myself. 
But note than that it had one hero , Killian, who was by far amazing and loyal and simply perfect for Livia our heroine. These two had sparks that you felt even when he was so surly. It's like you could read through that animosity right to the heart of what he truly felt and that was deep and soul stirring want. But not just physical. No it was way beyond skin deep.
 These two were funny , silly and sexy. I adored everything. The only downside was a missing part in their HEA ..but since we'll see more of them hopefully in Joel's story I'll hold out for my dream to come true. Please Jessica give me.. please.
 #safe #sexy #grumpyButperfectHero

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