Saturday, January 14, 2017

With Us (The Amato Series #1) by Layla Frost @LaylaFWrites

I have a very short list of top #AutoRead authors and there is just something about that trust between them and myself that keeps them there. I need loyal, faithful from the start heroes. Layla has absolutely entranced me with Theo. He hasn't left my heart or my mind weeks after finishing this beautiful story. I felt the passionate obsession of him needing Dahlia like fire on the pages. The simply stunning way Layla portrayed his devotion took my breath away.

Dahlia had so many battles emotionally and on the outside you'd never know. 
I thought her dream's were a very interesting and unique way this author portrayed the inner battle Dahlia was facing every day.  
Theo was a wrecking ball and it was
 lovely catastrophic in it's beauty to 
see the walls fall 
and that battle won. He never backed down, he never gave up. But most importantly he never for one second was afraid to show how he felt.

The side characters to me are just as important as the main couple, but what is special is when you are just as invested in their story as the MC's. I adored them all and especially how big of a family Theo had. There were times I questioned Layla's sanity or emotional well being because this crazy lady was evil when she broke my heart.
 But pain sometimes has to be felt, lived and survived to get to the other side. I will be counting the days till we get more from this passionate world she's created.
 So many voices clamoring to have their story told.. And I'm only a reader so I can only imagine how loud those voices are screaming in her ear. If you love loyal alphas, sweet vulnerable yet strong heroine, a cast of characters that's loud in love, steel in strength protecting what's theirs you'll never wanna leave this story. 
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