Monday, January 9, 2017

Full Package by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3 @inkslingerpr

Each time I trust my heart to Lauren she earns that trust on each page. Friends to lover's are always a thin line for me. The angst can not smother me. The characters can't be sleeping around after their relationship starts changing.
That's why this author is my go to author for angst free reads. Lauren does humor, passion and the absolute right amount of angst at the right time. 

Chase was totally a Dr. McHottie for sure. But this guy wasn't just a stethoscope and a smile. He was a great friend, a wonderful brother and when it came time a beautiful loyal lover. 
Josie had the perfect job of being a baker and desert maker because she's got sugar flowing through her veins she's that sassy and sweet. 
The added recipes that gave a little insight into Josie's POV were brilliant. These two were made for each other from head to toes. I simply believe that only when they were together did it really become a full package. 
I'll never get enough of this authors feel good stories and wonderful Lauren universe. 
It's just a hot place to be.

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