Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Worth the Wait (McKinney/Walker, #1) by Claudia Connor @Claudia__Connor

Claudia took my heart for a very emotional ride in this second chance story. I simply lost myself and my heart from pag one.   I have a hard time with second chance romance because usually there is a lot of drama that can make me lose respect for the couple.  

This couple had life kick repeatedly and the way they handled it was really as humanly as can be expected.  They both made mistakes, both acted rashly in the past but Claudia have me true depth of remorse, sadness, hope, and faith.  She rebuilt them from the ashes of their past and into something stronger and steady.  I haven't cried for a heroine since Hannah and it's ironic she had such a huge presence in this story.  Mia had so much pain and heartache that I found myself sobbing so many times.  While Nick lost himself in his job and raising his siblings, living in guilt, Mia tried to live and love in the only way she could.  Her nurturing heart was broken again and in a way only a Mother could understand.  She's truly a character who will always be in my heart.  Nick had an uphill battle to reclaim his life, love and family but he claimed it like a true hero. 
 I'll say that only the separation and small details during it regarding their intimate past and lack of equality were the only negative aspects of this story but even including them added a humanity that made if believable.  Yes we want the fairytale but sometimes adding a few bumps just keeps it real.  Nick wasn't perfect and he knew it.  But his love when he had a second chance was a love that you just knew was worth the wait.  Truly an epic read all the way through.  

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