Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cage (Corps Security #2) by Harper Sloan

5 Sizzling Pages Good!

I am in so much fanlove with Harper Sloan's Corps Security ALPHA-YUMMYLISHOUS-HEROES. Oh Greg are something else. We were introduced to Greg's "protective" side in Axel. He had been taking care of Izzy for so long but not only Izzy. He does this with everyone he cares about. We learn more about his reasons and more about the loss of his sister Grace. Melissa is a snarky balsy lady who can hold her own and doesn't get backed down by anyone. She loves with the fiercest heart anyone could have and fights for what is hers.
Greg had to learn to love a girl who could take care of herself and Meli had to let someone in and trust them to come through for her when it matters most. When Cohen and Greg interact it melted my heart and just proved Greg was meant to be a father. There is nothing sexier than a man protecting his woman and child. The funniest parts of this book had me laughing so hard especially Cohen and Mattox..oh my oh my Mattox..when he opens up it's gonna be beautiful/tragic/awesome. I enjoyed this whole ride and devoured this book. Cage and Meli are a beautiful couple and Cohen makes them family that they both deserve.

The hottest sex scenes burned the pages when Meli and Cage came together. Let's just say there were 3 very important elements that made the fireworks burn hotter than most. You'll have to read to find those 3 elements. :)


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