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Against The Ropes by Sarah Castille

5 Amazing Sizzling Scorching Burning Pages !!!!

Thank you NETGALLEY for granting me this ARC & making my day!!

 I loved ever single sizzling page I read and wanted to read it over and over just to stay in Torment "Max" Huffington's sexy dominant head. Makayla is a funny witty girl with a wall up protecting her heart from letting her get hurt. A childhood that she has blocked out has helped her erect this wall and Max is determined to take it down one brick at a time. When he decided she belonged to him...he wouldn't give up.
Along with freeing Makayla from her fears of her own sexuality .
 From the moment these two meet there is sizzling chemistry coming off the page in waves. Max is so protective and cares so deeply. If he could wrap up Makayla and keep her safely tucked in his pocket he would. I wouldn't mine being in his pocket that is for sure!! Makalya's head is a funny as heck place to be. She finds humor in everything and seems so freaking real. I loved her. I got so frustrated at times with her fears and how she pushed Max away when I wanted to pull him down and lick him from head to toe. There were some scorching scenes in this book . might need to put on protective gear for's sizzling hot!! 

I have never felt like I was in a buffet surrounded by different types of Alpha Males until this book. Sarah Castille just did the unheard of art of creating the perfect Alpha hero.

Alpha Checklist.

 1. MMA Fighter 

Torment’s abs flex as he twists and stretches. He has changed into a pair of red fight shorts with stylized dragons down each leg, and the deep cuts of his hip bones are clearly visible above his waistband. The fabric clings to every curve of his tight, muscular ass. At least I know where to look if I can’t watch them spar.

 2. Sexy Bike Rider 

vroom vroom....ok so he hot.....and that why he got pinned....oh and the motorcycle is nice too 

 He exudes pure raw sensuality 

  “You were so sexy lying across my bike,” he murmurs in my ear.
 making love on motorcycle - Bing Images

 3. CEO Millionaire

 Max had so many layers to his personality and Makayla need to see through all of  them to the man beneath.

No matter which face he wore..his dom side always came through.

“Modest, aren’t we?” He pulls his chair right up to the desk. “Do you know how hot you look? You have such a pretty pussy.” He slicks a finger through my folds and spreads my wetness along my inner thigh. “Your body is on board. Time to free your mind"

4. Dom in the bedroom 

I like to be in control in the bedroom and take it right to the edge. Just like in the ring.” 

Yep you read that right. He is the most possessive, jealous, uber dom , sexy HERO ever!

“Do you want to be spanked, baby?” He brings the duster down harder and the tickle turns into an itch. Arrrgh. It makes me almost want to say yes. 
5.  Sweet sexy Lover

But my favorite part I saved for last. He has the biggest heart and loved Makayla like he needed her to breathe.

His voice drops to a husky whisper. “I love you, Makayla. I couldn’t bear to lose you. I want to protect you and keep you safe, but you need to let me in.” He cups my face in his hands and gently tilts my head back. Tears spill over my cheeks. His eyes are filled with pain, and tenderness. He slants his mouth over mine and our lips brush in a gentle, soft kiss. He loves me.
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This is one of those books where you can't stop reading right along with not wanting it to ever end. I know there are way too many series out there right now but this is one that I wish I could see more into this couple and where their love takes them.


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