Monday, September 16, 2013

Connected by Kim Karr

Connected (Connections #1)
5 Brilliant Sizzling Pages...and still burning!!!

This story captivated me from the first page and I was gripping my ereader so strongly when I began..then I relaxed and fell in love with Dahlia and River. Their love was so passionate yet sweet and River is freaking amazing "really" my favorite term ever now.."really" ..once you read this you will get what I am saying. I am so honored and thankful that I waited to read Connected and now have the most precious gift of the ARC of I can dive right back in. This is a book with a cliffhanger that will make you jump up and cuss!! so Warning!!!

When your small you want to believe in love and happily ever after. Some people are lucky to find love early and grow from friends into lovers. With Ben and Dahlia this love grew over time. There was not a explosive or sudden love but a comfortable safe love.

Then tragically this story is suddenly transformed into heartache. They thought they would be together forever. In one moment of violence Dahlia is left alone. Broken. In pieces.

Time passes ...a Dahlia's broken heart starts to heal...a stranger from a night a long time ago that Dahlia has tried to forget crashes back into her life and awakens things she hasn't felt since she met him hears ago. Daily they grow closer and a beautiful love is revealed... Everything about River is intoxicating to Dahlia. She partly feels guilt that her heart recognizes him as her soul mate...but how can that be..Dahlia loved Ben..Ben and Dahlia were always together and she planned to spend her life with him. How can she feel so strongly for River without betraying her love for Ben???
The undeniable truth is Dahlia and River ...from the moment they met..they were Connected...

Falling in love was the easiest part for Dahlia and River. The fit perfectly in so many ways. River worries that he could just be a substituted and secrets and lies from Ben's past surface and endanger Dahlia. When all is said and done there is one remaining question.

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