Sunday, September 29, 2013

Untangle Me by Chelle Bliss

4 Sizzling and Scorching Pages for Debut Erotic Novel by Chelle Bliss
***ARC Provided by author for Honest Review***

Untangle Me by Chelle Bliss

I loved the meeting online. cute and different for me. I loved how the description of Kayden was unique in the aspect of him having the shaved head and goatee. Kind of made me think of the wrestler Steve Austin. Always thought he was hot. Anyway you know I am from Louisiana and I loved the  portrayal of that beautiful city. I almost felt like I was on bourbon street at times with them. I also liked how she made these people seem more "real" to me with real jobs "librarian" and cable/tv installer..and then  mail man. The alcoholism storyline spoke to me because my whole life I've been surrounded by this addiction in the people I've loved the most. 
Kayden was pretty possessive and I loved being in his head when he was. There were some scenes that were scorching.
Let's just say that Kayden and Sophia were had a touch of voyeurism in them.

Against Kayden's truck.
He knows how to welcome a lady.

Had I just allowed him to fuck me outside? I loved when Kayden became all caveman—taking me, not asking, just ravaged my body and used me entirely.
Kayden turned my limp body, propping my back against the truck, and kissed me deeply. His kiss conveyed all the emotions that he felt in that moment—love, lust, sadness, longing, and comfort. Breaking the kiss, he stared into my eyes. “I love you, Sophia. I’m in love with you, consumed, head-over-heels in love. My life would end without you… I need you; don’t ever leave me, Sophia.”
See how sweet he could be thought?

These 2 had the worst luck ever!  Black cloud Kayden ? yes indeed!  Lisa batshit crazy! great angst and drama there.
All in all this was a story that was outside the mainstream rich guy or rocker.
This was a love story that seemed more real in a lot of ways. The trials they encountered were things I've had to face and people I know have struggled with. If you want a down to earth romance this one is for you.

I want to thank Chelle Bliss for the honor of reviewing this book. This is one down to earth "real" lady who book or no book I am very glad to know.




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