Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Reason To Breathe by CP Smith

Title: Reason To Breathe
 Author: CP Smith
Genre: Romantic Suspense

 Ok so first of all we at Sizzling Pages absolutely love when we stumble upon a book from a new author and it completely sucks us in and knocks us on our asses.
This book did all of that and more.
Now for my thoughts:
I love a bossy alpha, I love a man whore who finds the woman that can tame  him but not change his bossy ways. AS if you could!  I also absolutely love a heroine that doesn't take his crap.
On top of all of these loves I also adore romantic suspense probably more than any other type of romance genre. I got my absolute alpha romantic suspense on steroids fill from this amazing story. you are something else. Bossy, arrogant, sexy and just really really protective. He sold me when he first said " I don't share" number one favorite thing a man can say in my books.
They drove each other crazy and this romance was a roller coaster type love. It happens in a very short period time and so much is thrown at these two that I kinda felt like I was watching the movie Speed with some hot scenes.
So back to how Jen drove Jack to the brink of madness so many times and there were so many laugh out loud moments that I just really felt like I was sucked into an amazing love story. and didn't want it to end.
Jen knew she couldn't fight it but she stood her ground on all her sassy adventures..but the whole time she was just caving inside

Oh yeah, I was caught in his web; I was a fly to his spider, and If I wasn’t careful he was going to devour me.

We love our sizzling scenes and I was not disappointed in the least.
Jack took charge and his bossy was over the top in the bedroom.

He shoved one hand in my hair and jerked my head to the side,
so the angle for the kiss got deeper. His other hand slid down my back and grabbed my ass, squeezing once, and then pulling me into his hips.

Loved how Jen brought this big alpha too his knees.
He never ever even tried to fight it. I think he knew from the first moment that this woman was his match in all ways. The big sexy bossy types are the ones I love to watch fall..and they never do it gracefully but..oh what a sight.
So glad we found this author and this book and I can't wait for more really I'm seriously..give me a book she writes and I dive in!!


100% Perfect Alpha Award Approved

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