Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pushing The Line by Kimberly Kincaid

Title: Pushing the Line
Author: Kimberly Kincaid

Forget the's all about the HEARTS on this one. Because, I am in freaking love with Kimberly Kincaid. These may be short little wonders but they are filled with sweetness, sexiness, and a emotional journey that leaves a warmth in my heart to stay.
The Line Series by Kimberly Kincaid
all have food in common in their plots. The characters are funny, sexy and loyal to each other. I'd really love to live in this town. The friendships are so amazing and it's awesome how in such a small little story you are left feeling like you know these people and just can't wait for more.
Harper is a free spirit or so she thought. She never settles down and she doesn't feel like she has a home. But when her grandmother passes and her candy shop is left to Harper well, it's like a rug is not pulled out from Harper's feet but no but a loving foundation of home and family pushed right under Harper and she is so rocked by the thought that she might actually belong somewhere that she doesn't know how to deal.
Aaron is a sexy as sin firefighter with a heart of pure gold. He sees in Harper a girl who needs to feel like she is where she belongs. These two are so a like at first I was like way..this is uncanny. But it worked so well for them from extreme sports and dare devil hobbies they just click.
Aaron fell hard for Harper and showed her in so many ways how home isn't a place but a feeling and this love story just melted my heart.
With some hot scenes this book didn't lack for anything. What I loved about this couple is they didn't waste time or mince words. They laid it on the line right away ...honest and true.
If you are looking for a short but fulfilling love story then you need to pick up any of Kimberly Kincaid's novellas from her The Line Series and then come tell me Thanks ..because they are not gonna let you down.

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