Thursday, January 9, 2014

Skater Boy by Kay Manis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I had a crush on a Skater boy in highschool and I have never forgotten him. It's funny I can even still remember his name. John Reed. OMG. That is funny! So I went into this thinking it would be a pretty good YA romance. Well, it's definitely not YA it's pretty raunchy in parts because this dude doesn't have a filter and I FREAKING LOVE A DIRTY TALKER.
Rory (Sexy Name)
6'2" of tattooed yummyness I tell you!
This guy put the C in Cocky (get your mind out of the gutter) LOL. He is so freaking sexy and he know's it. But underneath all that confidence is a soul that has been torn down by insecurities and abuse from a horrible childhood. He rescues Hindley from herself one drunken night and a funny, sexy friendship begins. They both think they aren't right for each other but their attraction is so explosive they can't fight it.
Two lonely souls come crashing together and just when it's getting good they run into another wall ! You'll have to read this sexy story to find out all their obstacles and beware there is a cliffy but 2 is already out so go for it.

If I had one negative thing to say about this book that I hate FADE to BLACk with a passion and for all the hot sexy dirty talk...2 important scenes faded to black and I felt ROBBED. I would have been ok if there were no sexy scenes in the book but there were! Major hot sexin! But two firsts were held from me and I am so mad!
Rory is what saved it all for me. His brooding " I am falling and I can't help it " attitude was the best. Love him.
All in all a unique story with some crazy characters especially the BFF Dana. She is something else!

On to My Skater Boy now :)

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