Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unraveled (The Woodlands #3) by Jen Frederick

Wow just wow, what a freaking rush. I loved everything about this story and I am just in a total "unraveled" state right now. 
Gray and Sam met in an explosion of passion and had one of the hottest meetings I think I've ever read about in a book. Gray took the dirty talker award in every way and I couldn't get enough of his filthy mouth. So many times he shocked me breathless but I wanted more and more. 
"Tell me," he demanded again. "I'll get you off.” Rubbing the heel of one hand directly against my pubic bone, his other hand pulled at my hair so he could leave a trail of wet hot kisses along my throat. "You tell me what you think about when you touch yourself and I promise, I will bring you off and it will be good.”
The romance built in this book and the love between these two grew so strong that I felt like I knew them personally and wanted to just watch them ride off into the sunset together having a wedding and lots of babies. Just happy feelings all the way through. I am always in love with I read Jen's books and this one knocked it out the park. 

Personal NOTE:
Some reviews I find harder to write than others. This falls into that category. When I connect emotionally on a personal level with a book, it really sucker punches me and leaves me in a puddle.
My son is a US Marine. My baby, was deployed for 10 months and I was in a pure terrified state for those 10 months. His girlfriend at the time (now his wife) was left behind with me. The bond that grew between us is something I cherish more than I can ever put into words. This story and the struggles that Gray had with his choices to be a Marine or to separate are choices that I watched and still watch my son deal with. The fact that our Military isn't given the proper respect in a lot of the "job or employment" world is something that is hard for me to deal with. These boys go off and become men in the harshest circumstances. They come back and they know Honor, Respect, Loyalty and the price of Freedom. It's hard for a military person to just walk into the employment world and connect on the same level as civilians. My son chose to serve in another role as police officer and is in the Marine Corps reserves.
This love story really touched me as the fears that Gray had over leaving his girlfriend behind are real fears that our service people have every day. I proudly dedicate this review to my son, my nephew also and all the Marines and military.

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