Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Brutal Betrayal by D.C. Renee

Where is my heart?.Because it's not in my chest right now. 

I find that the books that make me feel the most from every spectrum of the emotion rainbow are the hardest for me to review. When a book pushes my boundaries and pulls me out of my comfort zone ..those are the ones that are even the hardest. I found that Brutal Betrayal is probably going to be the hardest book I’ve read to date to review. I can tell you that you will feel strongly and you will feel often. When you do feel it’s going to knock you down and it’s even going to lift you up. 

These are characters that will burrow themselves into your heart and really touch your soul. You might think about things in a totally different way then you ever thought you could. After all ..we are human and we fail and we fight and at the end of the day we can give up or give in. Sometimes giving in is finding the grace to just accept the past and live in the future with no regrets. 

I am in utter shambles but I wouldn’t have traded this journey for anything. DC  Renee no matter what keep pushing boundaries because ..feeling this strongly after a book means you did your JOB lady!

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