Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nash (Marked Men #4) by Jay Crownover - @JayCrownover

I have to say that Nash is my absolute favorite of all the Marked Men. I could name 100’s of reasons really but it all boils down to the fact that Nash is 100% the most loyal and kind and truly perfect hero I’ve read in so long. 

We all have made some stupid mistakes when we were young and full of hormones. Saint Ford was the brunt of a lot of jokes and bullying. Two separate incidents that involved Nash and some major misunderstandings shaped Saint’s outlook towards men for years to come. Nash didn’t remember things the same way and he proved in every single moment he spent with Saint that he never thought one negative thing about her. I saw this sweet and sexy guy tear down wall after wall and there were times I felt he was the Saint ..because he was so patient. 

When it counted thought Saint stepped up and loved him just as hard. There was no way that Nash couldn't see through her broken hearted fortress to the girl inside who just needed that unconditional love. He gave her this with his whole heart. Pure and utter erotic love scenes took my breath away so many times. 

There was so much passion and so much ..well LOVE in this book that I was in pure heaven reading it and I wanted it to go and on. 

Jay you stole my heart with this one and it’s so hard because it’s like every time I think ..how can she get better? Well you do each time. Now I’m ready for Rowdy. But for now Nash is in the lead for my heart.

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