Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Eden Trilogy by Georgia Le Carre @GeorgiaLeCarre

The Eden Trilogy swept me away and kept me riveted. I was captured by the instant attraction and then sucked into a passionate sexy mystery that Georgia is the master of penning. Jake Eden was phenomenal . I loved him from the first encounter. I felt that knowing this author like I do that she’d take a rough and even at times a jerk of a hero and turn him into one that would steal my heart. I was right. I felt the connection Lily felt was so intense and immediate. 

I have never simply looked at a man and hungered to have him inside my body.

The chemistry of these two people was simply explosive and electric. I literally felt if it was a current. 

The kiss is possessive and demanding.
 It is nothing like the other. This one is pure punishment.
With this one he is branding me.
Putting his seal of ownership on me. 

In each installment layers were peeled back and more of the background of these awesome characters were revealed. I was on the edge of my seat at the end of books 1 and 2 and was eagerly awaiting the conclusion. Georgia gave me exactly what I wanted and I adored every second. From the added surprise of extra points of view from secondary and exciting characters to the constant electric feel of the suspenseful action I didn’t want to put this down.
This author is beyond amazing at adding such depth of emotion in even the smallest scenes that you are left thinking about them for days. This is what I crave in my romance. Feelings and ..feelings are what Georgia brings out every single time.

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