Sunday, May 31, 2015

Whisked by Dyann Love Barr @DyannLoveBarr

I adored this book and this hero just stole my heart. Sean Riley was amazing. From the start he was knocked off his feet by the feisty Francesca. It started off with a really funny first meeting including a beating by whisk which had me rolling laughing. Then a lot of suspense and sexy times gave me one book I really enjoyed. Sean was perfect in so many ways. First of all when I find a celibate hero I swoon automatically. He’s been undercover and let’s say that it’s safer for him to just abstain. So Francesca comes into the picture and he’s just awe struck. I adored his persuasive personality and his loyalty. He was stubborn but in such a good way.

Francesca Delany hadn’t seen the last of Sean Riley.
Whisk and all, she was in for the chase of her life.

Sean never gave up and Francesca surely gave him one heck of a hard time when she was being just so hard headed. But what I loved is he never wavered and put everything in to his pursuit of this stubborn heroine. 
He’d never had patience when he went after something, or someone.
 Life was too short to let things slide or pass him by.
So that’s what he did, he grabbed.

She really had a tough past so honestly I didn’t get too mad at her but there were times I wanted to shake her. All in all I loved  it and I’m eagerly awaiting more form this author.

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