Sunday, May 31, 2015

Falling Series (Falling #1-3) by A. Zavarelli @AshZav

This was a sexy and suspense filled series about more than just two people falling in love. It was about survival and acceptance. Surviving a past that wouldn't let her go, Victoria was running scared. Just getting up everyday and trying to live was a battle. Then crashing into the extreme life force that is Gabriel Maddox was a whole different type of battle. There was just something there that pulled and pushed her , connecting her to him in ways she'd never encountered before. Gabriel was completely swept away with the innocent but feisty Victoria. He saw something in her that he couldn't walk away from. He'd never felt this extreme level of emotion before. 

Two people who have secrets and desires trying to hold on to their hearts.
 There was some very sexy scenes and I was pleased with how the relationship progressed. Towards the end both characters made some decisions that really sent my "too-much-angst" meter to the red zone. I did hold on tight and saw it to a very romantic conclusion. I'll be watching this author for more sexy goodness

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