Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Last Kiss (Hitman #3) by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick @_JessicaClare @JenSFred


 The Hitman series by far is in my top favorite series of all time. This duo of authors has captivated me and seduced me with Heroes that are imperfectly perfect and extraordinarily layered in so many ways. The heroines all have bravery and loyalty but most of all the ability to see past the hard exterior to the warrior inside and the man that loves beyond reason. 
 From mystery to passion this series has it all. But most of all Love stories that will at times have you gasping for air while others you are wanting to jump in and fight with these couples to find that HEA that seems right in front of them. 
 This installment has been on my mind since the characters were introduced.
Vasily and Naomi were the most unique couple that I have ever read. I have read a lot and that is saying something. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this romance as I couldn't get a really good feeling in the previous books of how Naomi connected with those around her. I wasn't sure if I'd feel like she was being taken advantage of ..but I learned that she was totally aware of everything and everybody around her, she just chose to interact with who and what she wanted to. What really made this into a beautiful love story was that Naomi couldn't block out Vasily like she was able to do to other people ..she couldn't NOT react to Vasily. It's like from the beginning they connected on an almost cellular level. There was a whole truck load of mystery, action and suspense in this thrill ride. While I was being swept away on this crazy journey I also saw two people peel back layers and layers of thick protective walls and fall deeply in love. Neither Vasily or Naomi had one moment of wanting the other to change anything about themselves. I loved that Vasily accepted Naomi 100%. Anything he did was in protection of her. And when he protected her ..it was in the most possessive manner ever. He was totally 100% Grade A Alpha Male! 
  Also  when he messed up by accident he always made it right. This hard as steel man who didn't let anyone close couldn't stop from letting this vibrant and extraordinary woman climb into his heart. 
 She is my everything. 
The beginning of the day and the end of it.
There were some difficult scenes to read in this book that would be triggers for a lot of people. Things that prove there is some real evil people in this world. Sometimes you gotta be a little bad to fight that evil. In this respect Vasily was the perfect bad guy that was good enough to make a difference. I am so happy to have finally enjoyed their love story and can't wait for the next one.

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