Thursday, April 21, 2016

Intent by A.D. Justice @ADJustice1

Sometimes I sit and hold my kindle thinking why can’t I find that special book that I need right now. The one that is just going to suck me and keep me for a while. The one that gives me goosies and tingles, smiles and tears.
 The one that will stay with me for long after the cover is closed. Well yesterday I was in need of a feel good romance with some sexy times. I wanted a hero who was in it for the long haul and not afraid of forever.
That is what I got and more from this amazing read. 
I know that authors rely on reviews and I know that more than that readers do to. I will always be a reader first and secondly I am a very particular reader. I am a part of a group that wants to read “safe” books. This is a very specific and personal opinion and with each of us it’s different. But the one thing we all agree on is we don’t want our heroes with other women or our heroines with other men after they meet in the book. So when I stumble on a book I dive in without reviews and I find it's not only SAFE but it's FANtastic! I am in love!! So I have to just share all that I have in my heart right now. 
There will be "slight" spoilers but I will not give away anything that greatly impacts the enjoyment of the story.

Layne was in a relationship with Bobby for 7 years. She wanted marriage, the 2.5 kids and the happy home and family. Bobby wasn’t really interested in marriage but he agreed to the baby. Maybe Layne was naive but I know that it’s hard when you want love and there is someone claiming to love you right there just want to latch on to them. Doesn’t make it smart but the dumbest organ in the body sometimes is the heart.

Layne catches Bobby cheating ..with her best friend.  

 Layne is sent away to heal by her boss Marcie and this is where the most beautiful healing love story I’ve read in a long time begins


Ace Sharp..protective , hard working, honorable and kind. 

This guy and Layne had this almost electric chemistry from the start. I love when heroes and heroines meet and the heat is felt so strongly that they don’t even know what to do with it. 

“Layne,” I repeat. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first time I saw you. I’ve fought it every day since then.
I know you’ve been hurt, but I’m not him.
Look at me, Layne
. See me here with you.”


There was some heated banter..some sexy arguing and then one amazing friendship developed with the center being one adorable little angel called River.

Ace is a single father and he’s all about his daughter. 

Layne needs the love a child can give and River absorbs it with every fiber of her being. 
Things are so sweet and the time goes by and before you know it Ace and Layne decide that they want to give this a go. I absolutely loved how they spent time as a platonic friendship before anything happened..for weeks they just hung out. They didn’t jump into this with River in the middle and I respected that. 

"If there’s something between us we both want,
I’m actually hurting myself and my daughter by not giving it a chance. So tell me something, Layne.
 Are you willing to take a chance on me?”

 When they gave their all it was felt was right there to see and believe. Such heat that was more erotic than just sex it had so much emotion and I can’t say enough how articulate and amazing of a writer this author is. I hope every romantic that loves a strong foundation of caring, honor and kindness will give this a chance.

There is a lot of suspense going on in the background. There is characters that are introduced that will absolutely break your heart and then steal it forever. So many but I don’t want to give those twists and turns away. This is a story with so much emotion and so much beauty that you  really need to feel it and experience it. Fans of books with heroes that stand up and fight..that claim and keep will love this story. 

“What happens at the end of the summer?” I whisper, afraid of his answer, regardless of what it is.
 “We’ll just go where summer never ends,” he replies.

But also fans of strong heroines who realize where in life they made their mistakes and they learn form them..that they claim also.the family that’s by blood and the ones that is by heart. 

His voice makes me feel relaxed and excited.
 His touch makes me feel calm and aroused.
 His presence makes me feel protected and carefree.

It’s amazing how love multiplies exponentially with no effort at all.

That is what you’ll find here.

 Ace and Layne will always be a favorite couple of mine but hands down this entire family..all the way into the absolutely amazing epilogue will always be in my heart. I really hope I get to see more from this small wonderful heartwarming town. I don’t want to leave. I really could see myself living there.

That’s a romance folks..

#PerfectAlpha #AmazingRomance #Safe

Note to Ms. Justice. I will be stalking your books hard. I can't wait to see if you have more Nic Proof Safe books!!

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