Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Shock Advised (Kilgore Fire #1) by Lani Lynn Vale @lanilynnvale

Some books leave my heart in a sewed together mess.

 A broken heart from the beginning to heal slowly but wow so painfully through this rough love story. This is Lani Lynn Vale so it had its signature humor, heart racing sensuality and familiarity of friendship and family. But this story hit subjects that mothers.. Hell any human with a beating heart just doesn't want to experience. Things were beyond sad.. But I will say this author took a broken road.. With two broken people and stitched them together to start a healed forever. Sometimes even beautiful stories hurt so good. Tai's story called to me from previous installments and I know it would be a rough one. But what I didn't expect is for Mia to come shake up his world in a way that changed the foundation of everything he'd ever thought he'd want. Mia this lady is a true survivor and the fact she still breathes and lives and loves is a true testament to her strength. These two made me cry with them, laugh right along together and soar with their happiness and sigh with their passion.
While my heart might have been in pieces it was truly sewn together with their unwavering love and had me believing in faith and just takes time.
Sweetest epilogue and amazing intro to what's coming. Absolutely loved the beginning of what's going to be a electrifying series. 
Then the next book is going to sucker punch Lani likes to do..she keeps us on our toes. I trust her though. I will anxiously await her making me right. She's just that honorable that I have faith in her characters.

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