Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Worth It All (The McKinney Brothers #3) by Claudia Connor @Claudia__Connor

I begin this review with tears in my eyes.  This story had a real man.. A real hero.. I simply could stand clapping.. 
And it wouldn't be enough.  I  search high and low these days for stories with good guys ,  true heroes,  male leading characters that actually lead with honor.  
It seems the good guy has been replaced a lot if times with the bad boy who isn't even good at being bad.  He's just rude and it hurts to read those books.  I simply feel like I actually just finished a love story.. A real romance.  

That in itself deserves so many stars but to add to that I read a story about imperfections that make us whole.. Not broken or less but whole and human.  I found a family with arms that stretched wide and love that flowed in their veigns and hearts not blood.. Because love is the thickest of any of life's healing balms.. Every single interaction between Jake and Paige healed a little crack in my heart and every time Jake grew closer to sweet Casey I fell harder and deeper. 
 Claudia you really put the smile back on my face and a sweet buzz back in my heart.  

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