Thursday, April 21, 2016

Let Me (O'Brien Family #2) by Cecy Robson @cecyrobson

Cecy Robson has really taken my heart and soul a truly broken road into a beautiful journey of love and healing. I was personally affected by this story in many ways. 
 I wanted Fins story it seems like forever but at the same time I'll admit I was afraid. To reach into the heart of trauma and be respectful while honest is an authors greatest challenge. To take an emotionally damaged but honorable and beautiful soul like Finn  who was a fighter down to his very true and protective heart, and tell his story had to have been extremely hard. What was accomplished and achieved was extremely emotional yet absolutely a true testament into what love really is . 
Finn at his lowest stayed true as a man and yet showed the struggle it was to live with pain so deep.
 Sol wasn't trying to hurt him yet we seem to hurt those we love the most when we are trying to help. .. It took both
Of these brave souls to grab on to each other to find that maybe it's OK to find healing and strength in another person.. 
After all, God never intended for us to be alone.
I was so happy to see these two characters find a love they could trust in. 
This was a  Beautiful Story even in the ugliness it showed Love in it's purest form


  1. I'm truly choked up and honored by your review. Thank you so much for embracing Finn and Sol's journey despite the pain both shared and recognizing the beauty behind their struggles.

    1. Cecy thank you so very much for stopping by and for writing such an amazing story. I have read all of your previous contemporary stories and am just addicted. Can't wait for more. I love also how each book has some elements of faith thrown in too. That's really special to me. I look for your sign ups all the time. You are auto read for me. Have a blessed evening. ***Hugs***


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