Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Until Ashlyn (Until Her #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds @AuroraRoseR

Really and truly loved everything about this sexy and sweet and altogether authentic Aurora Rose Reynolds romance. This is the type of story I look high and low for. Dillon was absolutely all the way in from day one. I adored their dialogue whether sassy, bossy, in between or just deeply emotional. All of it was full of passion. Not just sexual but heartfelt passion. oh and wow I have to say I laughed till my husband thought I was having some sort of episode and I blame it on Leo  
Now oh boy Sage ..I need you now. Crystal do you need another beta reader .. #begging #sorrynotsorry #stalking My note about rumors and safety. I really hope more people give books a chance before making assumptions. Because this one was nothing like all those rumors. Ashlyn never pined away for Dillon. Being attracted isn't pining. If anything Dillon pined away for Ashlyn..while she dated guys. Thankfully both are virgins. And Dillon wasn't engaged. Maybe Ashlyn thought he was but thankfully Dillon took care of that once Ashlyn let him. This hero was perfect and everything he had belonged to Ashlyn most importantly his heart

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