Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hardwired (Hackers #1) by Meredith Wild @wildmeredith

This story had everything I loved in romance. I'm always a sucker for love stories that begin with the couple meeting completely by chance, and in this case crashing into each other. Then this is when it gets interesting. The chemistry is off the charts and they are tearing each others clothes off in their minds. Then of course they have to go their separate ways thinking they'd never see each other again. That is how Blake and Erika started their explosive relationship. Strangers first that had an electric reaction to each other. Then suddenly thrown together in a business setting. Erika tended to be a little insecure and caused Blake to encounter the first woman he wanted that didn't drop at his feet. Erika had a lot going on with her past , present and future. There were secrets from her past that came forward and turned everything upside down. Blake stood by her through so much and he really had me on my toes with how bossy and sexy he was. He was passionate and romantic yet had this hidden dominant side that made for some scorching love scenes.


 I devoured this book and really wish I'd have read it sooner. Starting book 2 as soon as I can because this couple has me in their corner and this author has me so hooked.

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