Friday, June 20, 2014

Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder #2) by Nashoda Rose

So Nashoda Rose, you are something else!! You leveled me in Emily and Logan's story. Knocked me on my knees. That couple just stole my heart and I loved everything from the fairytale beginning to the tragic but breathtaking journey and finally the epic conclusion. While you made me fall in love with Emily and Logan you were being sneaky weren't you? You were slowly injecting me with pieces of other characters. Leaving behind little bits and parts making me wonder about them. Ream was so intriguing and Kat was just a mystery to me. I just had a big feeling that they both were hiding something. I won't give away what it was but let's just say you have something powerful hiding in your imagination. It might be kinda twisted if you think about it but either way if it's a sickness I don't want the cure. Just keep spreading it around as long as it means you are writing these amazing stories that take my breath away. 
Kat and Ream were just a puzzle I wanted to solve and I also knew that they fit ..and that the end result 
HAD to be that they would be WHOLE. 
I wouldn't accept any other out come.
 These two souls were made for each other. Gosh Ream's past broke my heart and Kat having to shoulder such a secret ..when really she never should have had to hide it. Well that is just one of the layers of Kat. Thinking shes alone when she isn't. Ream taught her finally that she had HIM and other people that weren't going to leave her. That she had family and she had this amazing man that would be there till the end. Kat showed Ream that he too finally found someone that would love him ..all of his pieces and put him back together. Together they just made sense.
 Watching these two try to get back that friendship had me laughing and crying. I loved every second of this book and even though at times you broke my heart Nash, I still love you hard and I can't wait for the next time you knock me down.

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