Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hardpressed (Hackers #2) by Meredith Wild


This series is like a new candy bar. One that you discovered one day and wasn't expecting to be knocked on your ass. The perfect amount of sinful to balance the sweet. 
 Ok I'm so addicted to Blake right now! Like a freaking chocolate bar buffet. 

He is just something else. I adore it when a man isn't afraid to show his feelings or to express them in words. 
There were so many moments that I wanted to shake Ericka and ask her is she out of her mind?? 
I even lost half a star because of her actions  and at a couple of times I wanted Blake to say "screw you lady" ! 
But well I know she loves him and it isn't always so cut and dried. Sometimes we hurt ourselves trying to protect others. I wasn't always happy with how Ericka handled herself but she did come around , she woke up and redeemed herself.
 Blake, WOW this guy is 100% loyal and 100% in love with Ericka and I think his dominant personality is just what she needs. There were some steamy and kinky scenes written in a explosive manner. 
I hope to get to the bottom 
 (pun intended
of Blake's desires in book 3.
I think there is a whole lot more that this guy has in his sexy controlling bedroom repertoire.  He can tie me up anytime.
I am diving into book 3 as soon as possible. I need to see this passionate couple to their HEA. If you like hot, bossy and passionate billionaires then this is one for you! Loads of suspense too for those junkies out there. But most of all one loyal and possessive alpha male to make you swoon. 


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