Friday, June 6, 2014

Intrigued and Enchanted by Eva Simone - @EvaSimoneAuthor

  This is me right now!! 
Completely BLOWN AWAY!
Eva Simone gave me just what I was craving. 
One 100% Alpha Male with a freaking side of 
Brandon was the total package. Lily described him perfectly
T.D.A (Tall Dark Adonis) 
From the moment he crashed into Lily, his energy consumed my Kindle. I was in romance heaven and was so mad I had to sleep, eat or work because I didn't want to stop reading. 
The tenderness and passion and just plain hotness of these two really melted my heart. Every time Brandon opened his mouth and was the sexy sweet romantic
I’m glad you liked the flowers Lily. I can think of something more beautiful than your flowers, the woman they were delivered to.
 or showed his dominant bossy side. 
“You look good on your knees at my feet Miss Pritchard.”
 I was doing one of these things. 
He just oozed perfection. Yea and I was hooked. These two were so sweet and sexy getting to know each other and when they finally gave into the passion. It was beyond hot was

But I just have to say there was so much more than
 Sizzling sex scenes. This guy never once  showed the slightest fear of sharing how he felt about Lily. I loved that. 
He was honest, possessive and strong. 
Brandon had it all  in spades.

 Lily was innocent and sweet but had a very sad history and didn't feel like she'd ever have a connection with a man and was afraid if she did she'd lose them. But with Brandon's love,  her heart healed slowly and he tenderly pealed back all the broken layers to find the woman inside that was strong and brave. 

There was such a beautiful love story here that it just had me sighing more than once. 

 I am so totally adding another author to my stalking list. I only wish I could have read sooner. This one is a MUST READ for anybody wanting a 100% loyal alpha male love story. 
I can't wait for the next installment. Eva you totally won me over.
 *Copy provided for honest review

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