Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Better When He's Bad by Jay Crownover


Bad boys are just sexy. I love books where the guy is bad in all the ways that make him hot but good in the ways that make my heart swoon. 
Shane "Bax" Baxter is the epitome of Bad Ass Boy. So dangerous and so angry you feel the vibes of pissed off and kiss my ass rolling off in waves. Doesn't make you want him any less even though. Even if the fear is there underneath it all. The way he made Dovie feel was powerful and passionate. She didn't try to change him, she loved him through all the badness and at the same time showed him how a little good goes a long way while he can still be bad when it's needed. 
Bax was dirty talking hotness. Shane was tenderhearted protectiveness. Together in one hot headed alpha male you had the most tragic and sweetest yet scorching love story that I didn't want to put down. Jay Crownover gives me just what I want in my bad boys. They aren't any less bad because they are 100% loyal to the women they fall far. It just makes them that much better to know that once they fall they freaking fall hard. 
Another winner from Jay and another series I'm gonna be counting to days till I get the next installment and my fix of another bad boy named Race. Start your engines ladies he's a freaking speeding sexy bad boy that looks so good you'll need sunglasses.    Can't wait. 

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