Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Against Me (Cedar Tree #3) by Freya Barker

Freya has created a cast of characters that I can't get enough of. While each story is centered around two awesome people she is weaving stories in the backdrop like a seamstress. There is always something else going on behind the scenes that keeps you guessing. This installment was the love story of Caleb and Katie and was 4 yrs in the making. Caleb fell hard and watched Katie from the sidelines. He saw her almost taken from him before he could make his move and decided enough time had been wasted. So through an intense time these two grew closer and Katie quickly realized that this was a man that would lay his life down for her while at the same time he believed with his entire heart that she was just as strong and resilient to bounce back from her accident and stand right by his side. 

I loved his no nonsense way of throwing caution to the wind .. not wasting anymore time. While this book was also very much a thrilling suspense I still found so much beauty in their love story. In the true Freya Barker magic seamstress way she laid the foundation for more stories.. wetting my appetite for all of these interesting characters. I want Joe and Naomi now. Then I want Neils own funny but maybe surprising story. hes got some hidden desires and needs a sweet shy girl to bring those protective and bossy desires out. Then the sexy Malachi .. I want his story so much. Beth and Clint?? Like Freya get busy. I'm hooked.

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