Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Unexpected Chance (Running Into Love #6) by Annalisa Nicole - @AnnalisaNicole4

 Romance as a genre has evolved in close to the same way as technology. It comes in so many flavors and so many moods..But when I find stories that bring me right back to the reason I started reading romance at all. Those are the ones I call magical. I want love stories.. where a sexy .. sweet.. even sometimes bossy hero .. sweeps a feisty.. kind..and endearing heroine right off her feet. Annalisa Nicole has become my favorite author for what I call true Romance.. These characters in this series have stolen so much of my heart. I have laughed and cried.. I've fallen.. like Savvy said best.. I've collapsed into love with this entire family.
Savvy really stood out to me from her introduction a lot of ways she seemed so real and down to earth..

Aiden did a sneak attack.. The one on the sidelines last but certainly not least to run head first.. catching love.. in his arms. 

I had an experience of sheer sweetness and bliss reading their story. Annalisa will always be my girl for feelgood and heartwarming stories of family..passion and love. I can't wait to see what she'll give us next. After all.. I feel like Levi and Quinn .. and several more of Max's tough and sexy employees deserve to have their stories told.. and the selfish part of me knows if we get their stories .. we are guaranteed to visit with the Wellington clan again. Until then.. don't run from love.. run into it!

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