Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Deep (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott @KylieScottbooks

Going into this story I was ecstatic to hear it was about Ben the sexy bearded bass player.

 I also love pregnancy story lines. I was so happy to see all the previous characters and had so many laugh out loud moments with this crazy bunch. Ben and Lizzie had a rough hill to climb though. I found Ben wasn't as take charge as I would have liked. He really didn't give me the intensity or convince me that he really fell hard for Lizzie. I kept reading though because Kylie gives us in depth stories ..about more than just the couple. . how each individual comes to terms with struggles and changes that need to be made. I loved that Lizzie was strong and didn't let people push her around. She'd have done this alone if she had to but her heart belonged to Ben and thankfully he woke up to the fact his was hers all along too. Sexy times.. lots of laughter and crazy antics still had me devouring this gem so totally it deserves 4 solid stars.

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