Saturday, April 11, 2015

Swoon by C.M. Foss

I loved Shiver by CM Foss and was excited yet a little nervous about Steph and Lawrence's story. I adore this authors writing style in the way that she brings out so many emotions but still manages to keep a lighter feel to her story. She captivates and keeps me engaged. I loved Lawrence so very much. I wanted to shake Steph so hard and scream at her to wake the heck up and grab hold of this swoonworthy sexy loving man. But Steph had a lot of growing to do and she was very lucky this wonderful man didn't fall for anyone else during her time she needed. He did date but it wasn't serious and completely floored me and stole my heart with how he jumped in with no condemnation or blame once Steph got her crap together. Once they became this amazing team nothing was holding them back from taking the world and making every dream they had come true. One sweet and at times roller coaster ride story that I'm glad I took a risk on. Now I want Jaces story and I want him to be an alpha who goes after what he wants.. go write lady.

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