Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alluring by Sarah Curtis @sarahcurtisathr


Was this a perfect book??.No .. but here are the reasons for my 5 stars.
Its been a while since I could get lost in a book where I truly felt like it was a romance.. a love story where the hero isn't fighting his feelings or calling it temporary. No Jackson Cole was the perfect hero. I adored him from start to finish. The fact that there were no drawn out drama and misunderstandings just made it refreshing. Yes it had some cliche moments.. virgin heroine.. playboy hero. But what made it work was he regretted his past. he cherished his present and he fell hard and didn't try to land softly. Sarah.. I'll read anything you write if you continue giving me loyal no other women once he sees the one.. thats simple Sizzling pure romance.

Notes for Safe zone : No cheating but references to past history and exes.. but only small references. He doesn't touch anyone from the monent he meets the heroine. Although some crazy exes try to touch him. It only causes funny scenarios.

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