Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Until July (Until Her #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds - @auroraroseR

Aurora Rose Reynolds is just one lady who I can dive into her books and lose myself for hours. I adore her heroines and for me it's sometimes a sad confession that I simply am so blown away by heroes in my romance ..that the girl well she can fade into the background noise. But not with Aurora, heroines are first of all vibrant with personality and also loyal and brave ..they all have differences but those traits I've listed  just remain the same. She doesn't make weak and wimpy girls ..no they are just women who need that one special man to set things right. Wes was that for July. Was he a perfect alpha? ..Not totally but that is what made me like him all the more. Because of his fowl mouth and his over the top bossiness he just made me want to climb through my kindle. From their first fiery kiss, I knew it was gonna be a wild ride.
As with every book Aurora writes, there is going to be some nail biting suspense. Something somewhere is gonna make me grip my kindle and shout NO..and every time she gives me a soft landing and a beautiful HEA. This book was quite a bit on the rough side compared to the "parent's" tales. It had some hot scenes and it had some pretty rough biker language and actions. If you have sensibilities that don't like biker language, along with their environment and they way they speak to women,  this isn't for you but if you can look past these rough boys growling and bossing at the decibel of Volume 10 ..and see that they love with everything in them and protect to their last breath then read on. 
I adored the secondary characters (including the amazing 1st Generation Mayson's) ..that's why I say them.. because already I can tell you that there will be more coming and it's gonna be good. Guaranteed.

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