Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hard Rules (Dirty Money #1) by Lisa Renee Jones @LisaReneeJones


Hard Rules started this series off with a scorching and passionate beginning. I completely found myself seduced by the characters and completely captivated by the background mystery going on. Lisa created a cast of characters that were unique and filled with vibrant life. I always find myself swept away by my heroes and Shane definitely gave me everything I want in a leading male. He oozed sensual power and he had an aura of authority.
 I felt he had that vulnerable layer when dealing with Emily that showed he had a heart within that stone cold facade he portrayed for everyone else. 
Emily was shrouded in suspenseful mystery. Her story is barely addressed yet I felt her character was honest..just afraid. So many secrets and so many enemies that no matter where you look someone is there testing their trust. 
I was holding onto my kindle with a death grip at the end. I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment because Lisa you have really jerked the rug out from underneath me with that ending. Some cliffhangers are painful and some are so explosive they just leave you breathless. This one was both and it hurt so good
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