Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Speak...Love (A Different Road, #3) by Annalisa Nicole @AnnalisaNicole4


Wow, I'm simply filled to the brim with so many emotions. Annalisa is by far my top favorite author of sweet heartwarming romance with a steamy kick. She takes flawed characters and breaks them down to the barest essentials to where the only place they can go is up. Stephen was always that cold mystery..who was in the background and on the sidelines. You see him but he's always leaving or trying to hide. The secrets he lived with weren't just explosive,they were destructive and painful. 

I feel his heart was absolutely damaged truly from carrying around this burden for so long. Maddy was chipped, scarred, cracked and discarded. She didn't know how to absorb the purest love coming from the Masons and Stephen was drawn to her pain like he saw in himself. He knew he wasn't good for her but love like this would not be denied. Once the secrets are brought to light the only thing left was redemption and forgiveness and my girl Annalisa shows pure humanity in her romance and in her cast of characters and the simply profound family dynamics . 

I cried sad tears then I sobbed from happy tears. There isn't anything like having a story bring you from pain to beauty and leave you feeling like you loved and you learned right a long with these touching characters. 

I will hug this lady like so hard the day I meet her sweet self. Annalisa my dear friend, Never change..Romance is this.. struggles, heartache, healing and faith. You keep your stories Honest and True and keep your characters Flawed yet LOYAL and that lady is what a Love Story is all about.

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