Saturday, August 20, 2016

Loving His Forever by LeAnn Ashers @LeannAshers @ejbookpromos

I'm filled with sheer happiness and all things of Romance bliss that could be found after reading this newest installment from the talented Leeann. She blows me away with each page, each chapter and I'm left sighing with bittersweet longing at the end. I wanted Ethan and Braelyn's story immediately after they were introduced in Protecting His Forever. Ethan is the perfect example of a Hero. He never wavered from first sight and he stole my heart on every single page he was on. So sweet yet so alpha in all the right ways. Then Liam.. Oh that mini alpha I'll be anxiously waiting for his forever to come. Then low and behold LeAnn gives us more manly goodness of Torch.. Omg swoon. Like we already have Chase and Isaac we are stalking stories. LeAnn lady I could go on and on but seriously I'm so on love with these stories. The characters are so alive and passionate. I'm gripping my kindle during the action and I'm laughing out loud at the comedy and humor. Then throw in every single aspect of the romance and love along with the camaraderie and friendships. Well it's just that good.
Anytime I find an author who concentrates on building relationships by having loyal characters and no inner relationship angst I am hooked. Safe books are my Crack and this lady is my newest supplier. No drama with other women at all and that's just the way I love it. 

I see massive good things ahead with the MC story line and have faith she'll prove that you can write MC romance without having drama like sweetbutts and club shanks. I trust her heroes will be just like Kane and Ethan.. Loyal and true from the start.

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