Sunday, December 18, 2016

For All the Evers by Debra Anastasia @Debra_Anastasia

This story touched my heart in ways it is so hard to put into words. The fear I felt for my son when he was deployed to Afghanistan was brought back in full technicolor. Thomas McHugh our hero in this story and in real life. A love story to bring to life and give love and peace to someone who should never be forgotten. Fallen our heroine was truly strength personified. She had so much to deal with or her young shoulders. Supporting her brother, protecting their home and each other from an alcoholic mother. This girl was so strong and so brave.
This was a story that had so much mystery that every page held a new surprise and I must've had my mouth hanging open for nearly all of the book. 
If I wasn't in shock, I was terrified or swooning. Yes from one extreme emotion to another I felt deeply through every single page.

This was the sweetest most passionate love story you'd ever want to read and I sighed with so much emotion when I closed my kindle. 
Don't forget that every day you wake in a free world, that someone died to make it so. Thank you Thomas. Thank you every single Fallen Hero.. Always.

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