Monday, December 26, 2016

Sunshine and Rain (City Limits Book 2) by M. Mabie @AuthorMMabie

Oh my heavenly hero .. what sweet sexy creative juices must've helped this author when she gave life to Rhett . What an adorable , sweet sexy man. What started out as a one sided crush in his childhood later became the love story that we all hope for. While this doesn't fit our safety standards of nobody after meeting ,you absolutely can not blame either character because he was 13 and she was 18. She left him after patiently guiding him to move on. She felt absolutely zero romantic feelings for him because face it that would have been gross at his age. Fast forward ten years and oh sexy Rhett is all man. Just one kiss that took its sweet time was more erotic than a lot of sexy books out there. The build up of a decade. The want on each part. Oh my. This couple stole my heart .
I'm so in love with this absolutely endearing small town and its larger than life characters. The low angst and the loyal love is so heartwarming. Fan for life .. can't wait for more. Maybe Aaron or Dean ..but please write more soon. 
 safety info #safe for current story.
 Absolutely nobody can fault their past 

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