Thursday, December 1, 2016

From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon @aharmon_author

From Sand and Ash is so much more than a whimsical romantic tale. It's history sprinkled with a love story. Life injected with death and humanity revived from the ashes of evil and mortality. In a time where hope was hard to find and God was quiet no matter what God you prayed to, this was a time you had to hang on to your faith or give up entirely. Life starts everyday. In the womb a heart beats. That little soul has no idea or choice as to where they will end up and how they will be raised. The beliefs of each child is from those around them. It starts with where they live and especially what religion their loved ones practice. World War II is the perfect example of how you can't help where you were born or what God you serve but you absolutely can love, live and support anyone you choose to if you find the strength. So many fought the only way they could by hiding and those that hid them were truly the best example of Love in human form. Catholics hiding Jews. Jews helping Catholics. This is where God is love.
 Amy took a true life emotional topic, a tormented part of world history and gave it faces. So many faces and so many hearts. I felt such despair when this story started because this was such a tumultuous time and place. 
Our hero Angelo and heroine Eva were two characters that were vividly portrayed in every single way. Growing up together and falling in love when it's forbidden truly had my heart racing in fear and in excitement. Such heartbreaking choices that had to be made.  Angelo was a true hero in every way. Eva was strong and loving. For every single time Angelo struggled with his faith and for every time Eva fought to never give up I held on to hope for these two. 
This was a time of such devastating circumstances and such horrible prejudice. I was afraid for the hero and heroine from the start but I had faith that even if it all ended like so many lives ended back then that Amy would show humanity at its worst and at its best. 
There were characters that stood out in bravery and and sacrifice. I felt their stories mirrored so many out there that never got a chance to speak out and share. Amy brought so much to life in this amazing tale. Thankfully the ending was the best I could hope for and the pain I felt was worth I felt was worth it even if it's only experienced in a story to see such a love story unfold but also to see how truly brave so many people were. While so many stories in this era had such tragic endings we should be thankful we live in a time where we can be free to worship and to love. I feel after ever single Amy Harmon book that I have been somewhat changed in a way only a magical story teller can achieve. From Sand and Ash truly will stay with me always.

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