Sunday, April 15, 2018

Come as you Are by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3

Come as you are was simply put, pure sexy romance on every single page. My favorite thing about the romance genre is the fall of course.
Some times I'm in the mood for that fast, sexy and dirty tumble into the happy ever after. . Other times it's the slow and steady and slow burn that strikes my fancy and warms my heart.
Lauren Blakely is the pure and brilliant expert of finding the perfect middle ground of both of these ideal love stories tropes. She's always a feel good author. She's always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and warmth sizzling through my veins.

What I really adore though is how every single couple just live inside my kindle with this vibrant emotion, deeply unique personalities and interesting viewpoints on life and love. There's no rinse and repeat when it comes to Lauren's stories. You begin at the fall and you end with the passionate and believable love.
 Here Flynn is the sexy, nerdy, and brilliant mind, the honorable and straight forward hero.  Sabrina is the focused, loyal and driven modern woman. Her love and dedication for her brother warmed my heart and earned my respect. The struggles and heartache Sabrina endured didn't cause her to be jaded. They did cause her to be careful though. But add in a masquerade party, an Angel and a Duke and all care and sensibility is paused. 
One night starts a beautiful love story that absolutely touched my heart and made me feel all those wonderful things only romance can do

. I absolutely want Kevin's story. I know if anyone can bring faith and romance into the right kind of balance it would definitely be this author.

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