Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Birthday List by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry

Devney Perry has become my "exception read' author. She's the one author who I trust emphatically to bring me gently past my own boundaries and land me on the other side with my heart in one piece. It might have cracks and scars but I'd live through those breaks over and over with her as my storyteller.
This story definitely broke me and healed me over and over.
The hero of The Birthday List isn't just Cole. It's Jamie, it's Poppy and it's even Jimmie. The hero is not just a character but the story itself. It might not make sense to call a story a hero but maybe if I call it exceptional, brave, healing, loyal, touching and beautiful..then maybe you'd understand that the word hero fits.

Poppy had to survive an extraordinary tragic experience to find the other side of the storm and find happiness in the midst of healing.

Cole saw a shell of a woman but that shell even broken stood tall to him like a fortress on the night that changed both of their lives. 

One moment and one choice completely shook the foundation of an entire town. It put in place a set of events that would completely change everyone involved.
This sweet love story has touched me so deeply. I simply can't express how beautifully moved and swept away I was on every page. The connection between Cole and Poppy was not only emotional , passionate and amazing. It was just beautiful. 
 Tears were shed, laughing occurred and swooning really had me sighing with happiness. I recommend anyone who believes in second chances and life after loss to give this a try. You'll not regret it.
Be prepared for the most perfect book boyfriend I've read in a long time. But Most of all prepare for an epic love story . 

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