Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Love at Last by Claudia Connor @Claudia_Connor

At this moment after closing my kindle and having butterflies in my stomach and a sweet song in my heart I simply want to scream please read this book!

 If you are a Romance addict like me you search high and low for that sweet fall. That deep emotional, can't stop flipping the pages, don't want to put it down and absolutely hate when it ends, type of read. Love at last is every bit of that and more.

Single parent stories are probably my favorite. Add in the single dad angle and you've got me hooked every time. But find me a hero like Deacon, who isn't just a single dad but a real hands on father. He's put his girls Maci and Margo at the center of his world. He's a man who loves deeply and forever.

 He's a man who cherishes family and all that it entails. Finding Claire at the most perfect time for everything in the romance stars to line up and change their lives forever was purely magical. I had moments of so much emotion reading this story. 

There is something beautiful, breathtaking, awe inspiring when I read or see a dad and his children. A man holding his world, that takes my breath away but seeing him find and claim the other love of his life well I had tears and joy and just a heart so full reading about Deacon and Claire.

 Wow I just feel so full. So much love among these pages. Simply perfect. 

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