Saturday, April 28, 2018

Save Me ( O'Brien Family #5) BY CECY ROBSON

Save me is Seamus story and I was so ready for it. Seamus was the brother that had the absolute worst luck in the Romance department. But to be honest it's not like he actively searched for crazy ladies. It's just that sometimes people don't look under the surface into the real true character inside. Because he's a man's man who works with his hands, women only saw what he could give them physically. Allie even noticed his physical attributes first. And then the flip side is she's hiding her beauty and so both are almost invisible where it counts. Knowing of each other for years they both have preconceived ideas of what each other is like. I really enjoyed the humor and the slow friendship to love that they story have me. I laughed so hard so many times at the insane things that came out of Seamus mouth. He's just too funny for me to get irritated with. Yes I knew playboys I usually avoid and really don't like but well the way Seamus was determined to help Allie shed the cocoon she lived it well my heart just couldn't fight off all the adorable things Seamus did.

There's some evil characters and some really sad parts to Allie and Seamus childhood. I had some moments of tears several times.
The one shining character in this authors series is Mrs O'Brien. This lady puts the capital H in Hero. She's loyal, brave and a Godly woman. I truly wish she'd get her own romance. She deserves it.
I'm sad to see this series go. Such wonderful tales of faith, family and friendship. Truly magical. Truly romance.

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